Interviewer: So for my personal injury case, how would I go about finding a lawyer? What are some good qualities I should look for?

Bill Levinson: I think that it’s always best to consult with your friends, especially people you respect and you respect their judgment. If they’ve had experience with a lawyer and it’s been a good experience then I would begin there. However, the vast majority of my clients are now coming through advertising through the Internet. If you can imagine it’s really an important issue and I ask a lot of them why they picked me because lawyers are like 7-11s – we’re all over the place. I think that the things that they say most is if the lawyer has experience and there are folks who are willing to talk about the lawyer on the lawyer’s website. Experience in personal injury, in my opinion, is an absolute necessity and the more experience, the better the lawyer and the better the chance that the client’s going to have a good experience with that lawyer. Better Business Bureau, bar associations –those are the kind of things that if you’re really concerned and you don’t totally want to rely on advertising, there are some resources that you can contact and you can do due diligence. The other thing that I recommend and probably one of the best things is to interview lawyers. Today lawyers are glad to have clients. When I started practicing it was the other way around. We weren’t allowed to advertise and folks were just thrilled that they had a lawyer. Today, it’s the other way around. I think that if you’re really, really concerned and you’ve done all of the stuff that I’ve said, and you still want to do more then I’d say make an appointment to come in and say, “I’m going to interview him.”