MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION: back injuries minor residuals, tried case jury verdit, $30,000 premises case: client took bad fall shoulder injuries son ongoing pain and range of motion issue jury verdict $90,000 Motor Vehicle collision: Bad back and neck injuries, settled $125,00 Premises Liability Cable guy checking residence for poor receiption circled residence looking for control box fell in concrete widow box severly injuring back. One of wealthiest Seattle families, dogged process server finally had to have sherriff served them file suit, settle just before trial $116,667.00

PROPERTY DAMAGE: client’s roof gutters put in backwards, water seeped into attic developed staccibotrus mold, Safeco denied claim sued and recovered $360,945.00 personal injury: client volunteer at Red Cross ( some WWII Vets call them “Double cross), was setting circular card table defect leg bracket open caught his leg and he tripped. Sued found in discovery that Red Cross was aware of this defect settled before trial $90,000. Uninsured Motors Claim v. Allstate. Back injuries, Allstate typical lowball, filed suit settled before trial $60,000.00 Uninsured Motorist claim Grange insurance settled $95,000. Motor vehicle collision: relatively minor injuries settled cars $14,500

HIGHWAY DESIGN: client proceeding down freeway, confusing design for off ramp and through way caused oncoming driver to veer into client’s lane Head on collision severely broken legs and knee injuries. State denied liability other driver settled $40,000. Filed suit against State for negligent design. Video of highway design expert showed 3 cars doing same thing in fifteen minutes. Settled with state $110,000. Interesting note, orthopedic surgeon reported leg and knee injuries (healed with increased risk of arthritis)weren’t caused by hitting dash but by client’s reflex of straightening legs when he hit gas pedal prior to impact.

MOTOR VEHICLE /COUNTER BALANCE. Tractor towing flat bed trailer with 20 Ton crane counter balance takes off ramp. Counter balance breaks loose, slides down surface street, crashed into tractor , knocking it out of way and then hits client’s car head on, demolishing front end. Requires facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery on heal. Defense offer’s $110,000 withdrawn on day of trial. Jury trial award $185,000.

PREMISES: client shopping at Safeway, slips on water by meat cooler hit back and herniated disc on edge of cooler. Safeway denies liability alleging fresh leak and they didn’t have time to clean it therefore no liability. They are right on the law. Filed suit, during discovery, learned it wasn’t cooler that leaked but roof from heavy rainfall. Clincher was that roof had leaked in same spot several times before and Safeway new about it and didn’t fix it. Settled $287,000.

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE: client has heart pain goes in for angiography, during procedure lead wire scrapes vein creating flap. Cardiolgist mistakenly reads it as plaque and recommends surgery. Surgery performed by second doctor. Client’s heart stops in recovery room. Suit filed five defense cardiologists and surgeons call it risk of surgery. Our Experts say diagnosis error and surgery took too long. Compromised $250,000, with heart surgeon.

STATE PARK PREMISES; Bathroom floors at State Park are trowled concrete. Like ice skating rink when wet. Client falls breaks shoulder. State denies liability. During discovery State rep swears that they have had no prior problems. Learned through interrogatories folks who rent spaces in park have to complete form which includes names and addresses. Went to Olympia to view archived rental applications. Found several hundred for the park. Copied all those for 3 months before and wrote to each person asking if they had problems with bathrooms. Several said had they had slipped due to wet slippery floor and 3 had reported the falls to park ranger. Presented with evidence State settled for $85,000.,

DENTAL NEGLIGENCE: Client couldn’t close her jaw all the way. Treated improperly by orthodontist who then recommends surgery. Problem is muscles aren’t reset by surgery. Problems returned and. Sued Orthodontist and oral surgeon. Retained experts from Boston and Chicago (very difficult to get Washington Doctors to testify against Washington doctors) mediated case and settled for $120,000.

Client in serious collision suffered serious permanent injuries to his right leg, low ball offer; under six figures owing to an excellent workup we settled case for $350,000.

Client in collision suffered serious permanent injuries to his right leg, had some minor prior condition, didn’t try very hard to find work once leg healed as much as it was going to low ball offer, filed suit got to the court house steps, settled for $350,000.

Client is a tech, driving a van filled with tools and equipment, increased the weight almost by two times. He comes to a controlled intersection and goes on green. Defendant blows the light, but denies it. Required an collision reconstructionist, and videographer proving from the final rest position of vehicle defendant had to have run the light. Client recovered in excess mid six figures, after claim had been denied.

Lady involved in a head on collision, other driver had no insurance. She had UNDER INSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE (UIM). In this situation your own insurance company now effectively acts as insurance company for uninsured driver. That means even though you pay premiums to them they fight you. Injuries healed except for two dot scars on her face and burn mark on arm. Her insurance company offered her $7,500. We settled case for $48,000.00

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