Interviewer: Are there any misconceptions that people have about premises liability cases?

Falling and a Resulting Injury Is Not Adequate for a Case—You Must Establish Liability in Order to Pursue a Premises Liability Claim

Bill Levinson: Yes, the first one is just because you slipped and fall down the store is liable. The Supreme Court of the State of Washington just handed down a recent decision that says it’s not enough to show that you slipped on a floor and fell and were injured in a commercial establishment.

You must establish that the substance that was on the floor, usually water, renders the floor unsafe. There’s a national standard for slip resistance. If that occurred you then have a situation where there’s liability.

If You Have Been Injured, How Do You Know If You Have a Viable Case?

Interviewer: Are there examples of injury that people may not be aware and they don’t feel the need to take legal action?

Bill Levinson: Generally speaking, it’s not so much where it’s the extent of the injury. Yes, that’s not an uncommon thing for people to experience. I go over that because if clients are not interested in recovering as much money as possible for whatever reason then I can’t work for them because that’s my goal. From a financial aspect, I’ve interviewed people that have that philosophy.

If You Are Unsure, Contact an Attorney for a Free Consultation

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