Interviewer: When people come to you to file a claim, what happens to most of these claims? Do the insurance companies fight them to the death? Do they get denied? Do people usually get something, but it’s a pittance? What happens in general, in the aggregate?

If You Are Retaining an Attorney, There Is Sufficient Compensation for Yourself and Your Attorney Fees

Bill: You asked two questions. The first question is, what happens to people that file a claim or that have a claim? If they’re not injured, I will give them the advice that they need to make sure that they’re treated properly regarding their car. If they are injured, then their range can be determined by the seriousness of the injury.

The most important fact that any person should know is, if a lawyer takes their case, the lawyer has decided that there is sufficient funds for the client

If the client doesn’t make any money, the lawyer doesn’t. Folks don’t become my clients unless I believe they will be compensated.

Most Attorneys Are Compensated From a Third of the Amount Awarded by the Insurance Company

Interviewer: Is there a state mandated split of fees? How do you get paid? How does it work?

Bill: Generally lawyers charge of 33-1/3% of what they get the client.

 In the Majority of Personal Injury Cases, You Do Not Pay Your Attorney in Advance

Interviewer: But people are not paying you up front to represent them. It’s only, what, when the case resolves?

Bill: Yes.

Interviewer: In the cases that you work on, do they all go to trial, or what percentage do if some are settled? Are most just settled beforehand?

Only a Small Percentage of Personal Injury Cases Go To Trial

Bill: A very small percentage of personal injury cases go to trial.

Interviewer: Why do you think that is?

Insurance Companies Do Not Want the Expense of Litigation and Prefer to Settle the Case Out-of-Court

Bill: Insurance adjusters are rewarded for settling cases.  Clients are reluctant to risk a reasonable settlement in a jury trial.   However, the hammer I have is that if they don’t make reasonable offers they get sued.  The insurance companies hate their own lawyers more than they hate the plaintiff’s lawyers, because not only are they going to pay my client, also have to pay their own lawyers.

Interviewer: So they’re incentivized to settle even though they don’t want to pay much, they’re still incentivized to settle. That’s where you would get most of your results from, right?

Bill: That is correct, and if they don’t pay what’s fair, they’re sued.