If you have suffered serious injuries in a slip-and-fall collision while visiting a neighbor or shopping in your local store, take immediate action. At the Levinson Law Offices, we know that misconceptions exist about these types of so-called minor mishaps. Insurance companies downplay the impact. Well-funded lobbyists work hard to shift the blame to the collision victim. They claim “greed” while minimizing the damage done.

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Property owners who fall short in their obligation to ensure safety must be held accountable. Your first step is a telephone call to Bill Levinson, the founder of our Washington law firm. He aggressively fights for justice on behalf of his clients injured in a slip-and-fall collision. He litigates personal injury claims to send a strong message to his clients in the form of maximum compensation. You may contact us at 253-854-7440.

Frequently Asked Questions About Slip & Fall Cases

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At the Levinson Law Offices, we build strong, fact-based personal injury claims on behalf of our clients. A slippery surface, uneven sidewalk or loose stair railing has changed their lives forever. An inattentive security guard failed to provide necessary protection during a robbery or assault.

According to insurance adjusters, suffering pain and being greedy are one and the same. They take action in contacting collision victims. Their goal is to get their side of the story and then use information against those who are injured. Do not be intimidated. Do not be bullied into accepting a minimal offer. In fact, do not talk to them at all before calling our firm.

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