Interviewer: What is an individual entitled to if they become injured and they have a good case?

Bill Levinson: It is always a good question and it is one my clients ask. There are a number of variables but because everyone is unique. Their symptoms or their injuries and their medical bills all vary. It can be the virtual spectrum from several thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Frankly, you don’t want to be one of those hundreds of thousands of dollars case because those people are really hurt and they are hurt permanently.

What If You Are Permanently Injured in a Pedestrian Vehicle Collision?

Interviewer: How are those cases handled? The one who is handled on a more long term basis, obviously it may affect their career or work situation.

Bill Levinson: People that are seriously hurt and permanently hurt, first are stabilized, that means they have completed care.  Then I will hire a vocational rehabilitation consultant to find out what they can do relative to what they were able to do prior to the accident.

Generally, they are not able to perform the tasks that they were prior to being injured. I will have the vocational rehabilitation consultant. They will estimate what jobs are available for the client. What type of careers? From that I will hire a forensic economist who will then take the data and compute lost income. That is lost income up to the date of trial and then future lost income, which is kind of a complicated. This is because it is income for the rest of their work life and because they are being paid at the conclusion of a trial which is a finite period, it has to be reduced to the present value.

While I know how the formula works, there are so many variables included that’s the best I’m going to be able to tell you. It is a complicated process to reduce future lost income to present value.

Interviewer: Would I be compensated for therapy if I was in such situation?

Bill Levinson: You are entitled for compensation for everything related to being injured. This includes loss income as well as if property besides the car is damaged. I’ve had expensive cameras and computers that I have recovered funds for, lost income, all of the medical bills, any related treatment.

Sometimes even where surgery is required and the surgery is botched and they recover for the botched surgery and the corrective surgery even though the surgeon might be negligent in botching the surgery—all of that is recoverable because none of it would have happened but for the negligence of the person that harmed them.

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