The long-term effects of an animal attack go beyond physical injuries. Permanent scarring and emotional trauma remain long after the tragic and frightening event. Cases are emotionally charged, particularly when children are the victims. A love for dogs can turn into a paralyzing, lifelong fear of the animals.

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Do not let misconceptions of personal injury claims prevent you from taking action. Do not allow insurance adjusters to demean or intimidate you into a settlement that minimizes the impact of a dog bite. At Levinson Law Offices, we counter aggressive tactics and get to the facts of these complex personal injury claims.

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In the state of Washington, dog owners are held strictly liable for disfigurement and scarring suffered from a dog bite. Whether the dog was considered dangerous and had a track record of these attacks, liability is immediately established. Non-bite injuries present more challenges and require proof of past dangerous acts.

While you or your child recovers, we will fight to maximize your compensation and overcome the misguided perceptions created by insurance companies, medical professionals and their well-funded lobbying groups.

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