Interviewer: What are some of the basic factors that would tell people that they may have a case or they may not have a case and how much they might be able to get?

The Primary Factor in a Personal Injury Case Is Injury

Bill:  The basic factor obviously is an injury. No matter what anyone says if you are hurt and you think it is someone’s at fault you may have a case. For example, never gauge an injury case by the amount of damage to the car. We don’t represent cars. We represent people. Even in a very slow collision with little or no damage a person can be hurt.

Interviewer: If there is little or no damage to their car case can a person recover?

Bill: Yes. As long as they have been hurt and they weren’t at fault they will recover.  I do these cases every day.

Interviewer: So there’s a fundamental difference between, what, permanent injuries and injuries that will be recovered from?

Bill: Yes in terms of the amount of money they get.

The Permanency of an Injury Sustained in an Accident Affects the Compensation

Interviewer: So the level of injury is one factor in how much a person may be able to get from a case. What are some other factors that are important?

Bill: The permanency of the injury and the extent of the injury, but primarily the permanency of the injury will affect the amount of the settlement substantially.

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