Few motor vehicle operators on Washington highways face as many dangers as motorcyclists. Far too many accidents are caused by car and truck drivers simply not “seeing” a motorcycle. The odds they face on the roads are similar to the obstacles they face when dealing with insurance companies. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Kent WA, contact Levinson Law Offices.

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Helmets, leather jackets and other protective clothing only go so far when an inattentive car or truck driver collides with a motorcyclist. While immediate medical attention is necessary, legal advocacy is required to counter the tactics of insurance companies.

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At Levinson Law Offices, we help even the odds motorcycle collision victims face. A career may be sidelined or at an end. Physical challenges may be a permanent part of your life. The death of a family member in a motorcycle crash represents both a personal loss and a questionable financial future. That’s where our motorcycle accident lawyers step in to help.

Insurance companies may claim to have your best interests in mind. However, their job is to downplay victims’ losses and minimize the compensation they are entitled to. They stereotype motorcycle enthusiasts as reckless, more interested in speed than safety. Industry lobbyists have worked hard to demonize both the victims and their attorneys.

They claim greed. We claim a need for justice in the only way they understand: financial compensation for significant losses.

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