Interviewer: Have you anytime ever worked with cases where you’ve had to work with or resolve ADA compliancy rules?

Most ADA Cases Involve Violations of Accessibility

Bill Levinson: Yes, I’m doing several now that involve wheelchair cases on public transportation. Generally speaking, the type of cases that you have with ADA is violations of accessibility. There are certain standards, for example, on public transportation for challenged people that have to be complied with.

Interviewer: Is that a different type of case there when it involves ADA or is it still considered premises liability?

Bill Levinson: It depends. With the injury cases that I’m working on, the same principles apply that apply to any other premises case. The only significant factor is that the person injured, for example, is wheelchair bound and their public transportation operator failed to comply with the guidelines of how to stabilize that person in the bus.

Interviewer: Can you provide an example?

Bill Levinson: I’m handling a case right now against Bartell’s Drugs. My client uses a walker and Bartell’s had cleaned out a planter that was built into the sidewalk. It was about 12 inches deep and they built it next to a sitting area for bus travelers. The leg of my client’s walker went into the planter area and he fell and broke his hip.

With Premises Liability Cases: Be Careful and Never Look to Sustain an Injury but If You Are Injured at an Establishment, Contact an Attorney

Interviewer: Is there any advice that you’d like to give out to potential clients?

Bill Levinson: Look out where you’re walking. But if you do get injured and you think that they’re maybe someone at fault, get to an attorney immediately as soon as you can.

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