Interviewer: Are there any misconceptions people have about this whole process of whether or not they have a case, how are claims filed that you have to dispel when you speak to them?

Bill: Frequently people ask if they have to pay me when they hire me.   They do not. They pay me if and when I get them their settlement.  Folks are surprised how long it takes to get to trial.    They are very surprised that their insurance company pays part of my fee because they hired me.  Most frequently people have never done this before it is confusing and intimidating and my goal is to reduce that stress as much as possible

Many People Do Not Settle the Case for the Money They Believe They Are Entitled to

As far as misconceptions, people don’t realize that it can be very challenging whether to take an offer or file suit.

I learned a long time ago that there is not enough money to pay anyone to volunteer for their collision and injuries.

Settling a personal injury case is like kissing your sister.

Do You Think You Have a Personal Injury Case? Call Attorney Bill Levinson for a Free Phone Consultation

Interviewer: Do people think they have a case, and they don’t? Is that common?

Bill: Not common, but it happens, and we usually discuss that on the telephone, so we don’t waste their time.

Interviewer: Are there any indicators that are pretty obvious that would tell people that they don’t have a case or they do have a case?

Is It Possible you do not have a case? The First Driver Listed on the Police Report Is Most Commonly at Fault

Bill: Yes. They’re number one on the police report, and they usually are cited. Like I said, the first person listed in a police report is who the officer thinks is at fault.

Interviewer: Is there anything people do unintentionally that puts them at fault?

Bill: They don’t pay attention.

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