Interviewer: What criteria must be met in order to establish a claim for an injury sustained from a dog attack?

Non-Scarring Injuries Sustained from a Dog Bite Do Not Usually Warrant Litigation

Bill: The victim should have a visible injury or scarring.

Interviewer: The dog or the animal would have to break the skin to incur a legitimate claim correct?

Bill: It’s not that it would not be legitimate, but the measure of damages would be substantially affected.  Non-scarring injuries do not have sufficient damages to warrant litigation.

What Is the Owner of the Animal’s Responsibilities in the Event of an Attack?

Interviewer: First off what would the animal owner’s obligations be in the event of an attack?

The Owner Should Offer Aide to the Victim and Contact an Attorney as well as Their Insurance Company

Bill: First obviously is to assist if possible and second get a lawyer or report it to their householder’s insurance company.

Interviewer: Should the owner be the one to report the attack to authorities or would that be something that the victim would do?

Bill: Very rarely do the owners report.  It’s usually the injured.