Interviewer: For people that don’t know anything about personal injury, what kinds of cases fall under the umbrella of personal injury?

A Personal Injury Case Involves an Injury Sustained from both Unintentional and Negligent Actions

Bill: Injuries from car accidents, collisions motor vehicles, such as auto, commercial, bicycle/auto, motorcycle, rear-end collision; as well as pedestrian injuries, and that includes automobile/pedestrian; and premises liability which is a slip and fall, trip and fall, dog bites, animal attacks, injuries to children. I also handle cases involving uninsured driver and insurance bad faith.  The best idea is if you get hurt ask a lawyer if you have a case.

Interviewer: Do you ever deal with medical malpractice & product liability?

Bill: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: We’ll talk solely today about auto accidents or car accidents. For car accidents, how frequently do they occur?

Attorney Levinson Practices in Kent County and Handles Cases in both Tacoma and Seattle

Bill: Many thousands take place, every day, all over the country. There are hundreds a day in King County where I practice.

Interviewer: Since you’re in Kent you appear to be between Tacoma and Seattle. Do you normally work with clients in both cities, or do you stay right in the middle?

Bill: I have clients from both counties.