There is little a bicyclist can do when he or she is suddenly struck by a car. The motor vehicle operator enjoys the protection of a steel enclosure. The bicycle rider lacks that luxury. Dealing with the emotional trauma and physical pain is only made worse when an insurance company is minimizing your injuries and insisting on a quick settlement.

South King County Bike Injury Attorneys

Since 1973, the Levinson Law Offices have fought for justice following bicycle accidents caused by a negligent driver of a car or truck. While financial compensation cannot undo permanent injuries or bring back a loved one, money is the only justice that truly sends a strong message to insurance companies.

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Kent Bicycle Collision Attorneys

Bicycle accidents involving children are cases particularly rife with emotional elements. While parents deal with the impact of permanent or fatal injuries suffered by a son or daughter, we take immediate action in pursuing maximum compensation. Bill Levinson — the founder of our firm — combines his experience and legal knowledge with the help of collision reconstructionists and experts.

Do not allow an insurance adjuster to downplay bicycle collision injuries. Do not allow insurance companies to minimize not only the effects of the incident, but also the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

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