Interviewer: Today’s topic at hand is pedestrian vehicle collisions. When do they typically happen, what time of day?

Bill Levinson: I have several going right now and I will give you facts. You will see that there really are no time constraints as to when an accident can occur. One of the first ones that I will discuss is a female client of mine that ran out of gas. She pulled her car over to the curb, and was standing outside her vehicle when another woman drove up and hit her and her car.

Pedestrian Vehicle Collisions Can Occur at Any Time of Day and Often for Inexplicable Reasons

She was right there to be seen. The light at skip line is yellow where she was parked. That’s one case. I have another new case.  A girl was riding her bicycle down the sidewalk and the driver was emerging from driveway. The traffic on the street that my client was riding on was very heavy, with a speed limit of 45.

For some reason this fellow was looking in the opposite direction, thought he could make it and drove out and hit her on bicycle. I have another case in which a woman was crossing the road at the corner where you are supposed to and a driver came around the corner and hit her.

It is interesting because we filed the lawsuit because the woman driver denied that she hit my client although my client was transported to one of our local hospitals in an ambulance. I have had a case where a girl was walking along a sidewalk and a man drove out of the parking lot again and hit her and unfortunately permanently injured her right foot.

Those are relatively current. I have another one that’s really going to be a tough case. A young man is jaywalking across a divided surface street, two lanes in each direction with islands and he made it over the first one. He was standing on the island. He said he looked both ways and got into the first lane. Two cars in the other lane had stopped for him and he turned and looked to his right and a truck hit him and really hurt him badly.

That case is going to be extremely difficult because of the jaywalking but it is not impossible. It is just not going to be the kind of recovery that the young man deserves because of his contributory fault.

What Happens after You Are Injured in a Pedestrian Vehicle Collision? 

Interviewer: Step by step, could you tell me the process of what typically will happen once a person is injured? Before they contact an attorney, what usually happens?

Bill Levinson: Invariably the individuals are transported to the nearest hospital by ambulance. Depending on the degree of the injury, they are hospitalized. While they are recuperating, I will get a call either from a family member, sometimes even the individual. We will discuss whether or not they want a lawyer and if they do, we get together and I begin to work.

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