Interviewer: Do you have cases where people all of a sudden say someone else was in the car and they weren’t, or that someone changes their mind and says they’re injured and they weren’t, or they’re claiming false injuries?

Bill: It happens. I won’t say frequently, but it definitely happens.

Interviewer: That’s why documentation is important as early as possible.

Bill: Correct, but people aren’t perfect. The biggest problem that they will face coming in late is the insurance company saying, “Well, how hurt can they be if they didn’t go to a doctor right away?”

It Is Never Too Late to File a Claim: It Is Common to Experience Pain Well after an Accident

Interviewer: Well, how long in your mind is too late that you’ve seen?

Bill: In my mind, if it’s an honest injury, it’s never too late. I’ve had a client who had a herniated disc and nobody believed her. Two years after the wreck, after several misdiagnoses, she was found to have a herniated disc.

Interviewer: Lastly, what personal statement do you want to make to people that are reading this and they’re considering hiring you?

It is a Fact That an Attorney Will arrive at a Better Settlement than will an Injured Party Handling the Matter on His or Her Own

Bill: Any lawyer will do better than that person will do on their own.   My client’s are facing a professional insurance adjuster who knows every trick in the book to get them to settle low. They rarely have a chance to get treated fairly

Interviewer: It’s always better to at least speak to a lawyer and get an idea of what may happen with the case, right?

Bill: Absolutely. The sooner they get to a lawyer the sooner case will be put in order and the pressure and stress of being injured and dealing with the insurance company is over and  the client can focus getting better.

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