Life changes in a split second for the victim of a pedestrian collision and his or her family members. Life-threatening and career-ending injuries usually result from a car or truck colliding with someone walking along a road or across a busy street. If you’re in Kent WA or the surrounding area and have been involved in an accident, call Levinson Law Offices, and one of our pedestrian accident lawyers will be glad to speak with you.

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At the Levinson Law Offices, we represent clients dealing with both the physical and emotional trauma of a pedestrian collision. We know the challenges they face, both in the recovery process and dealings with insurance companies.

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Kent Pedestrian Collision Attorneys

The physics of a car or truck striking the human body is tragically obvious. The sheer weight and force on the human body will result in serious neck and spinal cord injuries and, in some cases, death. While the operator of a motor vehicle is protected with a steel enclosure, a pedestrian lacks little, if any protection when he or she is hit.

Lobbyists representing the medical and insurance industries have worked hard to discredit collision victims and the attorneys representing them. They have demonized our injured clients, calling them greedy while making “whiplash” a dirty word. Our job is to overcome the misconception, counter their efforts and secure justice in the only way they understand: money needed for your recovery or the future of grieving family members.

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