Interviewer: Is there a typical person that gets into an accident? Are there people that are irresponsible and that’s why they get into them, or is it just luck of the draw and circumstances beyond their control cause the accident?

Anyone Could Be Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident;

Bill: Anyone.

The States of Washington and Oregon Are No-Fault States

Interviewer: I’ve heard in some states there’s something called the no?fault states and there’s shared liabilities. What is it like in Washington State?

Bill: Washington is not a “no?fault” state.

No Fault Means That both Parties Pay for Medical Bills and Property Damage

Interviewer: What does no-fault versus non-no-fault mean to people?

Bill: No fault means that each of the insurance company pays for their insureds damages up to a specific amount of coverage.

Is There a Cap on the Amount of Compensation?

Interviewer: Is there any upper limits or caps on how much people could get as compensation if they were injured in an accident caused by someone else?

Bill: There are no caps as of now in Washington although every election the insurance companies and big business try to get them.  There is a limit which is determined by the amount of insurance each party carries.

Washington Law Allows for Actions to Be Bought Against Insurance Companies Who Act in Bad Faith

Washington is a leader in our Country in providing remedies for folks who are treated unfairly by their insurance companies.  We have very powerful laws and folks should never be pushed around by their company without talking to a lawyer.

Interviewer: In the cases you’ve seen, what’s the expectation of people on how much they’ll get versus how much they actually do get? Do many people have unreasonable expectations?

Bill: Usually the folks that are in a wreck rely on us to help them decide the money they should ask for.  Expectations vary depending on how bad a person is hurt and the grief they have been through.

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