Interviewer: How long does a case potentially last?

Personal Injury Cases Are Generally Not Resolved until the Victim Has Fully Recuperated

Bill Levinson: There’s two major points in determining the length of the case. The first point is when my client is healed. At that point, we allow the insurance company an opportunity to negotiate with us. If my client is satisfied with the tender, with the offer that the insurance company makes, the case is settled.

As far as duration goes, it depends on how badly the person is injured. They are fairly lengthy because of the nature and severity of the injuries sustained when the human body is hit by a vehicle. But once they reach the point of being fixed and stable—that means that no more care—and they are going to be as they are health-wise and injury-wise, then we will give the insurance company an opportunity to negotiate.

If they do and my client is satisfied, the case is settled. If my client is not satisfied we file suit and right now in King County, if we filed suit today, we will be getting a trial date in the middle of 2015.

It Is Not Uncommon to Experience Emotional Duress after Being Injured in a Pedestrian Vehicle Collision

Interviewer: What have you observed about the emotional state of the clients, what sort of mental state are they in when they work with you?

Bill Levinson: It’s all over the spectrum from folks that get better and barely notice it to others that require therapy. That goes for all of the kinds of injury cases that I do. I have clients that are afraid to drive because they’ve been hit in a car. Or, they become terrified going to an intersection.

Some people don’t react that way. It’s akin to posttraumatic stress disorder that soldiers can experience or develop although rarely is it as traumatic as a soldier in battle.

Interviewer: Have you seen cases where people have found it difficult to even want to get back, walk in the street or even go outside the house?

Bill Levinson: I have a couple of clients right now that are in therapy because of the trauma of being in a wreck. Virtually everyone after being hurt has a period of time that they are really sensitized to the activity that they were doing at the time they were hurt.

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