Interviewer: You deal with quite a few with animal attacks and dog bites, is that correct?

Bill: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: I’m going to be directing some questions towards that.  First off, which breed would you say is most prevalently attributed to dog bite cases or is there any one breed more prone to attacking?

There Is Not One Breed Primarily Involved in Dog Bite Cases but the Severity of Injuries Sustained Varies from Breed to Breed

Bill: There is no one breed primarily involved in attacks but there is a variation in intensity or severity of injury depending on the breed.

Interviewer: Do you see a lot of more severe cases or is it more of a minor or midrange severity?

Bill: In my practice the midrange is the most frequent, but I have one now that is horrific.

Are Bog Bite Cases More Common among Children or Adults?

Interviewer:  Do the animal attacks occur more in children that you’ve seen or in adults?

Bill: Mostly adults; although, obviously children are injured in this fashion.

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