Pursuing an injury claim following a semi or delivery truck collision does not make you greedy. Injuries caused by negligence require justice. Justice in these legal matters takes the form of money. It is the only form of justice that puts trucking companies and their insurance providers on notice. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a semi-truck and you need a semi-truck accident lawyer in Kent WA, call our offices today.

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Immediately following a catastrophic collision with a commercial truck, its insurance provider will contact you in hopes of a quick settlement. Its job is to minimize every injury that you have. It will claim that it has your best interests in mind. At Levinson Law Offices, we encourage our clients not to listen and not to talk. Let our firm pursue the justice to which you are entitled. Our semi-truck accident lawyers can help.

Kent Commercial Truck Collision Attorneys

In truck collision claims, you are not only facing off against a powerful company and its legal team. Lobbyists for the trucking and other industries have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to demonize injured people filing legitimate injury claims. They insist that victims are more money-hungry than injured.

As your advocate in overcoming these obstacles and misconceptions, we build your case based on the facts with the help of industry experts. They reconstruct accidents, review logbooks and analyze data from the truck’s “black box.” Our semi-truck accident lawyers serve Kent WA and the surrounding areas and look forward to serving you today.

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