Rear-End Collision Injuries

Preventing a rear-end collision is impossible when you are the one driving the vehicle struck from behind. In spite of your best efforts in employing defensive driving techniques, a car or truck can collide into your vehicle with absolutely no warning. The violent impact causes damage to the neck and spine. More violent collisions lead to head and traumatic brain injuries.

South King County Car Collision Attorneys

At Levinson Law Offices, we help even the odds our clients face following a rear-end collision that left them injured. Lobbyists for insurance companies have pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into their efforts. Their boys nfl jackets objective is to make “whiplash” — a common injury in this type of collision — a dirty word in Washington courtrooms. They claim that greed drives nike nfl jackets collision victims and their attorneys to seek compensation.

What drives Bill Levinson — the founder of our law firm — is securing justice by maximizing compensation for his clients, the only “justice” that insurance nfl jackets for boys companies understand.

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Kent Rear-End Collision Attorneys

While you get the medical care you need, we get to work on building a strong, fact-based case. Bill qvc nfl jackets Levinson vintage cfl Jerseys combines his experience and legal knowledge with the insight of industry experts. He looks at short-term and long-term needs based on the extent of the injuries suffered in a preventable rear-end crash caused by negligence.

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