Advice on How Best to Proceed with a Claim against an Insurance Company

Interviewer: How do people make sure that they do the right thing? How can you guide them, without providing legal advice, but what guidance can we give them so that their case is resolved as best as possible?

Attorney Levinson Is Happy to Advise Clients with Small Claims and Can Recommend Small Claims Court to Recover Damages Less than $5000

Bill: First, with regard to car damage I’m more than happy to steer them in the right baltimore ravens Jerseys cheap direction as to get fair value of the vehicle is.

I will advise a person who has a claim but the claim is less than $5,000 to wholesale baltimore ravens Jerseys authentic file their suit in Small Claims Court. No lawyers are permitted to participate, but the clients can sue the other person at fault up to a limit of $5,000.

It Is Recommended to Seek Medical Treatment after an Accident Even If You Do Not yet Experience Pain

Interviewer: What about medical treatment? Do people sometimes delay or think they’re okay? Should they always get it right away?

Bill: Very often that occurs. It takes a while for some injuries to show, such as neck or baltimore ravens Jerseys on sale back pain.   It takes a while for the internal bleeding to start affecting the baltimore ravens Jersey font nerves surrounding it. That’s why, in the majority of cases, there’s a delay before the pain is noted.

What Type of Doctor Should You See Initially?

Interviewer: Should people see any type of medical professional or just a doctor or chiropractor? Should they stay away from certain kinds of doctors?

Bill: I recommend it very strongly that the first thing you should baltimore ravens Jerseys justin tucker do is go to the emergency room. This is because they’re going to do X?rays, and they’re going to make sure that nothing is broken or that your injuries do not require surgery. The next thing is to follow-up with a doctor the hospital recommends or, if you have a family practitioner, then you go to them.

Unfortunately, what the hospitals do generally is give muscle relaxers and pain pills, and a medical doctor that you see will do the same thing, along with maybe some therapy, but after a while they often say, “Okay, that’s it.  You’ll get over it.”

If they see me, then I refer them for soft tissue care, which is chiropractic and which is very effective in dealing with these kinds of injuries.

Injured In A Car Crash?

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