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“Bill took our case against a corporate salon which had denied responsibility for damaging my wife’s hair. He pursued a favorable settlement with passion and tenacity, taking the emotional and financial repercussions into account as well as the physical damage caused by their negligence. His compassion and personal attention to our case was apparent and sincere, and he was prompt and thorough in keeping us informed of his progress and in the details of the legal arguments. We are extremely pleased with Bill’s unyielding dedication and pursuit of a just and favorable settlement, and we are pleased to consider him a friend as well as our attorney.”A Personal Injury Client

“My hope is that no one would ever need an attorney but if you are in a position that you need one, Bill is by far one of the best. I have had to hire over 5 lawyers in the last 20 years( fortunately not for defense) my experience with Bill was because of a not at fault auto accident involving a dump truck that I tried to negotiate myself. after months of getting the run around I hired Bill Levinson and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I have since heard from other people and their experience was the same. The bottom line is, if you are ever in need of legal representation your first call should be to Bill Levinson.”A Car Accident Client

“I sent out a general request for information through an attorney network and Mr. Levinson responded immediately. He was very knowledgeable and gave me good advice about how to pursue a claim for carpal tunnel syndrome. I was impressed by his willingness to reach out to a stranger in need.”A Personal Injury Client

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Kent Personal Injury Lawyer

For over 40 years, the Levinson Law Offices have countered the outrageous treatment our clients receive from insurance companies. William Levinson — the founder of our firm — focuses on aggressive advocacy on behalf of clients and their family members dealing with life-changing vehicle collisions of all types. He shows his compassion and dedication by keeping himself accessible throughout the entire course of a case.

img_1Whether you were involved in a vehicle accident, slip and fall or other type of accident, it is very important that you contact our firm before talking with anyone about your case. In the hours and days following a collision or accident, many victims are not sure what to do. Insurance adjusters call almost immediately, wanting vital information to secure a quick settlement. They claim to be on the side of the injured party. In reality, their goal is much different.

Frankly, if insurance companies were truly looking out for collision victims, attorney William Levinson would not be needed. He established the Levinson Law Offices in 1973 to even the odds his clients face in fending off the intimidating tactics of insurers. Instead of paying fair compensation, they fund lobbying efforts to demonize injured parties, labeling them and grieving family members greedy.

Why You as an Accident Victim Need an Attorney

Collision victims in the state of Washington face a harsh reality. Doctors, insurance providers and big money lobbyists have spent vast sums of money demonizing them. They question their patriotism. They allege that greed, not pain and suffering motivate them to file a claim. Whiplash — a legitimately serious injury — has become a four-letter word.

Bill Levinson BV RatedIn personal injury claims, money is the only justice the system can provide. Compensation is the sole option and best outcome. It sends the strongest message to insurance companies wrongfully denying legitimate claims and employing bad faith practices. It holds negligent individuals and companies responsible for inattentiveness and recklessness in accidents that involve:

For more information about Mr. Levinson’s background and qualifications, please follow the link below to review his profile or contact our Kent, WA office at 253-854-7440. You can also e-mail us to schedule an appointment.


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